Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand

The Olive Oil Tasting Trail

Oliveti has many members groves and sales outlets dotted from Auckland right through to the Far North. To help visitors make the most of these gems we have put together our famous OLIVE OIL TRAIL.

Below you will see the map and contact details of those growers who are certified to sell Northlands superb Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO’s) and the truly sublime Fused (or Agrumato) Lemon Oils amongst others. If you are traveling through our region please take the time to call them and arrange a tasting session or meet up with them at any one of the many Farmers Markets in our areas.

By taking the time to visit these growers and sample these stunning oils you will then begin to understand the differences in flavour and intensity of the EVOO’s that are created by the land, the way the groves sit to the sun, the environment and of course the final decision taken by grower as to when they should harvest.

We have endeavored to have these details up to date but of course, we suggest that you phone ahead to confirm that the growers are at their groves.

Generally, our growers and processors love nothing more than explaining the real differences between local (fresher) and imported (older) oils and how those differences can have a huge impact on many food types and meals. They will also love to talk about the history of the olive and its health benefits.

Our emphasis is always going to be on the local Artisanal EVOOs as simply put we have very few groves that can even begin to be called big, in New Zealand. This means that our oils will almost always have more taste and fresh flavour than imported bulk brand Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

By freely and openly comparing and swapping information we are able to continually strive to improve our knowledge and understanding of the fruit olive tree. After all, these amazing trees have been growing and producing olives for well over 6000 years.

So to improve your knowledge and understanding of EVOO we strongly urge you to visit or make contact with our growers listed on the map below. We are sure they will make you welcome as they love nothing better than to share their love of the fruit of the Olive & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Visiting Oliveti Olive Groves

We hope you understand that sometimes vital work on the grove may mean the grower cannot stop at the time you might want which is why we recommend calling ahead of your visit. Hopefully, then you will get to talk to growers and taste and purchase some truly superb fresh local Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What we do have in abundance is a group of olive growers and processors absolutely committed to producing the very finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils possible. We continue to meet at various growers groves (called field days) to talk growing, fertilising and of course harvesting and pruning.

The Olive Oil Tasting Trail Brochure

Click the buton below to view or download and print the Oliveti Olive Oil Tasting Trail brochure.
Please remember to contact the growers for information about visiting times, market days and venues.

Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand