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Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand

Next Oliveti Field Day – 11:00am Sunday 14th. July, 2019  
The venue is Cheviot Park Motor Lodge, Cheviot Street, Whangarei.

We will be dealing with the issues of how we can improve our crops quality and quantity, tree health and polyphenol count while at the same time eradicating the use of sprays. We are not pushing the full organic profile but trying to give our members options for grove care.
Our speakers are Phil Walesby and Peter Crelinsten. Peter spoke to us at our last field day and he is joined on the 14th by Phil Walesby, an arborist who has recently made headlines by saving some of the poisoned Pohutakawa trees at Opito Bay.
We have chosen a comfortable in-door venue for this mid-winter event so we can all listen in comfort. Tea and Coffee will be provided as well as a light lunch. There is no need to bring your own food unless you have strict dietry requirements. The meeting should end by 3pm.


Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand

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