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Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand

14 July, 2019 Oliveti Field Day 
The venue is Cheviot Park Motel, Whangarei. Keynote guest Speaker is Phillip Walesby.


Oliveti - The Olive Oil Tasting Trail - Olive growers association of Northland, New Zealand

March 2019

March 5th, 2019|Comments Off on March 2019

Suddenly thoughts of Summer have almost gone as the preparations for our harvests get into full swing – simple things like checking that the rats haven't got into the picking nets and got hungry, have [...]

February 2019

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I am typing this accompanied by the gentle pitter patter of steady RAIN on the roof, in fact I have been hearing the sound off and on since we returned last night (Saturday) from 3 [...]

October 2018

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Winter is well and truly gone and the buds are heavy on the trees but still very few flowers showing yet in the Bay of Islands area and further North. Which brings me to the [...]

July 2018

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Hopefully, by now you will all have liters of fabulous oil in your bottles and fustis and some even in your clients’ pantry. Generally, everyone seems to have had a really good season although the [...]

May 2018

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As you will be aware a new committee was elected at the last AGM and suddenly my inbox is full of emails! Balancing tending to those, and picking over 2 tonnes of olives by hand [...]

March 2018

March 30th, 2018|Comments Off on March 2018

The 2018 harvest brings great hope. The strangest of summers have seen high temperatures and they are continuing into late March but intermittent high volumes of precipitation. The effects so far seem to be large [...]