Spring is springing and all looks promising. This is a dangerous statement in horticulture but with very heavy flower sets we can be hopeful of a good season ahead. With fingers and toes crossed we may just have enough suitable days with the right conditions for pollination throughout our groves and we all hope for a Christmas looking out over zillions of little fruitlets.

The competition was modest in terms of entries but very successful this year and we wish to thank all those that helped and participated. In this edition, you will find all of the growers that were awarded for their oils and details of the judges and the judging. You will also see details of the Olive Oil Appreciation Workshop planned for Sunday November 12.

There has been lately a resurgence in the interest is edible oils and olive oil due to the well-publicised rise in the cost of butter in New Zealand. Every time that there is a news item about the butter price one cannot help muttering, or at least thinking, ‘super, bring in on’.

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